Lab members

Tad Dallas
assistant professor
Tad is a population and community ecologist interested in large scale patterns of species diversity and predictive modeling.
Grant Foster
doctoral researcher
Grant recently finished undergraduate degrees studying ecology and biology, and is interested in ways ecological and phylogenetic relationships within natural communities can affect patterns of multi-host parasite infection.
Lauren Holian
doctoral researcher
Lauren has a MSc in zoology and is interested in how eco-evolutionary drivers shape macroecological patterns and disease outcomes.
Cleber Ten Caten
doctoral researcher
Cleber has a MSc in ecology and evolution and is interested in macroecology, biogeography and community ecology.
Anthony Pignatelli
doctoral researcher
Anthony has a B.S in Environmental & Conservation Biology and a M.S in Biology. He is interested in environmental & anthropogenic effects on population and community dynamics in freshwater and terrestrial systems.
Anandita Verma
undergraduate researcher
Anandita is an undergraduate pre-med student interested in host parasite interactions and their ecological patterns on a large scale.
Hilde Tollefsen
undergraduate researcher
Hilde is an undergraduate researcher majoring in environmental science. She is interested in insect ecology, movement, and life history variation, and plans to do a PhD in entomology.
Nabeeha Baig
undergraduate researcher
Nabeeha is an undergraduate public health major on the pre-med track. She is interested in infectious diseases and how pathogens affect ecosystems and their way of life.
Aaron Kucinski
undergraduate researcher
Aaron is an undergraduate biological sciences major who is interested in the infectious dose and transmission of fungal pathogens.
Cayden Scruggs
undergraduate researcher
Cayden is an undergraduate in computer science with a minor in video game design. He loves game design and software engineering and is interested in making games out of subject matter like evolution and genetics.


Bailey Kane
undergraduate researcher
Bailey is an undergraduate biological sciences major with a minor in chemistry who is interested in infectious diseases and their effects on populations.
Sayi Saran Sathish Kumar
undergraduate researcher
Sayi is an undergraduate pre-med student majoring in biological sciences interested in yeast community assembly and dynamics.
Robert Richards
postdoctoral researcher
Robbie has a PhD in Ecology and is a population/community ecologist interested in parasite-host interactions.
Daniel Vilchez
Daniel has a MS in Physiology and Biophysics and is interested in how vaccination strategies affect epidemic spread in social contact networks.
Jae McKee
research associate
Jae has a background in applied mathematics, and recently graduated with an MSc in mathematical sciences. Jae's current research interests focus on using networks to analyze and control the spread of epidemics in populations.
Tivon Eugene
undergraduate honors researcher
Tivon is an undergraduate pre-med student who did his honors thesis in the Dallas lab. His current research focuses on the spatial and ecological relationships of pathogen outbreak events.
Jaylon Braxton
undergraduate researcher
Jaylon is an undergraduate pre-medicine student studying in biological sciences and is interested in epidemiology, host-parasite relationships, and ecology.