11. Theoretical ecology
T Dallas 2023-. course taught at U of South Carolina
10. Reproducible research
T Dallas 2022-. course taught at U of South Carolina
9. codeFests and makerSpaces @LSU
T Dallas 2021 -. LSU-funded effort to develop software and hardware competencies among undergraduates in the College of Science
8. Lab YouTube channel
Dallas lab 2021. Outlet for recorded talks and forward-facing science
7. Principles of Ecology
T Dallas 2021. Spring 2021 course taught at LSU
6. Reproducible Research in R
T Dallas 2020. Fall 2020 course taught at LSU
5. Macroecology of host-parasite interaction networks
T Dallas, P Jordano 2019. Seminar given in Sevilla, Spain while working with Pedro Jordano
4. Zooplankton Diversity Project
Drake lab, Savannah River Ecology Lab, T Dallas 2018. Interactive data dashboard of long term monitoring of zooplankton communities in ephemeral wetlands
3. Biotic and abiotic factors influencing Daphnia host - fungal pathogen interactions
T Dallas, JM Drake 2016. Dissertation defense @ U Georgia - Odum School of Ecology
2. Predicting centrality in networks of parasite sharing
T Dallas, JM Drake 2016. Research talk @ U Georgia Graduate Student Symposium
1. Open Access: Generation Open
T Dallas, JM Drake 2014. Radio interview @ PRX Public Radio